Poly Box

Dimension (cm) Price
70x200 (h: 20cm)
80x200 (h: 20cm)
90x200 (h: 20cm)
100x200 (h: 20cm)
120x200 (h: 20cm)
140x200 (h: 20cm)
70x200 (h: 30cm)
80x200 (h: 30cm)
90x200 (h: 30cm)
100x200 (h: 30cm)
120x200 (h: 30cm)
140x200 (h: 30cm)

Delicate but strong...

The special mono-block case is durable against breakage as it was manufactured without any screws, welding or other connections. Resistant to moisture, corrosion or mold.
Poly box is made of low-density materials, it has a bearing capacity of 850 kg/m2 So it is much lighter compared to classic box made of materials with high density.