Spring Box

Dimension (cm) Price
70x200 (h: 15cm & h: 20cm)
80x200 (h: 15cm & h: 20cm)
90x200 (h: 15cm & h: 20cm)
100x200 (h: 15cm & h: 20cm)
120x200 (h: 15cm & h: 20cm)
140x200 (h: 15cm & h: 20cm)
70x200 (h: 25cm & h: 30cm)
80x200 (h: 25cm & h: 30cm)
90x200 (h: 25cm & h: 30cm)
100x200 (h: 25cm & h: 30cm)
120x200 (h: 25cm & h: 30cm)
140x200 (h: 25cm & h: 30cm)

Different and functional... 

Enhances the performance of both spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses.
Enhances the flexibility and comfort of mattresses made of latex, Visco or other materials. Helps spring mattresses to be ventilated.