About Us

We both love mattresses and sleep.As a result, we do our jobs willingly.

We dream of a future where people sleep in clean mattresses comfortably and wake up feeling happy. Because we know we spend one third of our lives asleep. Sleep determines the quality of our life. it is a known fact that if you wake up feeling fresh from an uninterrupted sleep, you will be more resilient against stress and fatigue and therefore, the quality of a mattress is proved scientifically to affect people.

Therefore, each mattress at Yatsan, which constantly renews itself, is designed and produced as an object of health. Yatsan products are preferred by those who value "healthy and uninterrupted sleep" and by large hotel chains that would like to offer their customers a great environment to sleep in, just like us.

Along with benefiting from state-of-the-art technologies during our production process, we mostly trust the knowledge and expertise of skillful craftsmen. in order to provide you with the sleeping comfort and excellent quality we promise you, each product with Yatsan's signature is checked by our chief master craftsman.

With our expertise of 40 years and with our mattresses designed with the awareness that each body is different, we produce our mattresses with natural materials by benefiting from outstanding technologies.

Our sales representatives, always offering a smile, are ready to help for you to find what you need. From spring mattresses with different qualities to visco, latex mattresses and from beddings, boxes and headboards to specially designed yacht mattresses, they will support you in finding what you require among our wide product range.

in the meanwhile, R&D works continue at full speed at our headquarters and while sales and marketing departments are busy, our after sales customer relations proceed with the same care and attention. Along with sleep products that ensure a healthy sleep and a fresh start to the day, our models suitable for modern life and our hotel products specially manufactured for the tourism sector render Yatsan special as we can offer products with custom sizes as well. There are also designs for babies and children and also for elderly people and the ill at Yatsan.

in order to glorify your life while making it easier, we continue to offer nature-inspired innovative products and smart solutions that will add value to your living quarters.
Because you deserve better.

History Of Mattresses

While there were almost unlimited number of inner spring mattress designs, preference and comfort are keywords for today's mattresses.

Sleeping at larger spaces again became popular.
in 1999, double mattresses became the most popular mattresses preferred for their size for the first time in the United States.

lnflatable mattresses were released.

One-sides, no-flip mattresses were very common and at the same time modern water beds were introduced. Mechanism mattresses became popular among consumers.

Foam rubber mattresses and pillows were released.

The toppers (tufon) were launched at the market in North America.

The inner spring mattresses and bed bases with upholstery were in a serious competition to dominate the market. They are the leaders in the U. S. and Canada.

The first patent for helix spring mattress system was obtained.

19th Century
Cast iron bedsteads and cotton mattresses arrived at the scene and the sleeping area became mostly devoid of bugs. Back then, all kinds of insects to emerge in even the greatest of beds was deemed normal.

16th and 17thCenturies
Louis XIVliked spending time in bed so he even held many palace meetings in the royal bedroom. Louis XIVwas rumored to have 413 beds, all of which were extremely large and flamboyant.

Beds were made of pea pods or hay and even feathers, these were filled into rough covers and covered with expensive velvet fabrics, brocade and covered with silk.

Roman Empire
Romans invented the water bed. The babies were put to bed in a warm cradle until they fell asleep, then to a cradle with a mattress and rocked to fail asleep.

Roman Empire
First luxury bed.
These beds, decorated mostly with gold, silver or bronze were made of canes, dried grass, wool or feathers.

3400 B. C.
Egyptian pharaohs discovered that beds made of grass and higher than the ground level were beneficial. Tutankhamun had a bed made of ebony and gold. Ordinary people used to sleep on branches of palm trees kept in batches stacked in the corners of their houses.

10,000 years ago
in the Neolithic age, people started sleeping in primitive beds.