Jou Jou Baby Mattress

Natural support far healthy development...

Babies process what they have learned through play during sleep. Jou Jou Baby Mattress has been specially designed for supporting the REM sleep essential for your baby and offers uninterrupted sleep. It provides the perfect sleeping environment for your baby with the double-sided Hygiene Cool fabric that allows ventilation and prevents perspiration thanks to the natural filling layers inside.

Hygiene Cool Fabric

Made of hypoallergenic fabric preventing bacterial growth and adjusting body temperature. Protects natural temperature by absorbing moisture.


The natural cotton fibers with their moisture-balancing characteristic regulate body temperature. It prevents perspiration, provides a healthy sleep and ensures a fresh start to the day.


A natural way to get some warm sleep on cold winter's nights! The wool side of the mattress supports protection of the natural body weight thanks to the air mass between the fibers.

For Winter/Summer

With double side usage, it is possible to be sound asleep throughout all seasons ... Just flip to the wool side during winters and to the cotton side during summers